xlovexendedx (xlovexendedx) wrote in ojs_advice,

1) Your name. Madison
2) Age. 14

3) Where you're from. Ohio

4) Your quesiton/situation. (if one)

This is probally going to sound really stupid, but, I have this friend and we have decided to be friends with benefits. He always tells me that we are going to officially start dating after school ends, but I don't believe him. I can't. Because I am afraid to, I am afraid that he won't "love me", like he says he does, in like 7 months. Before we started hanging out a lot more, saying "I love you," kissing, hugging, anything like that, he told me that he doesn't hang on to relationships long and stuff like that. So I am having a hard time believing him, espicelly since when we started being friends with benefits he said "I want to do this to make you get over Jamie" [my ex-boyfriend that's I'm still not COMPLETELY over, but enough to hang out with all guys again and stuff]. And like I just don't know what to do..should I believe him [I mean he made our whole life plan, but Jamie did that and it didn't work out]. I am so confused. please help.

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