Savannah (frediagrace) wrote in ojs_advice,

Sorry I haven't been active.

my boyfriend dumped me. let me give you some bg info on this before i tell you the story. he asked me out wednesday. he made me promise we would last forever, which i gladly did. and today he told my friend to tell me he wanted to be single. so i said hey to him. and he was like hey..did he tell you? and i was like yeah. and so the conversation carried on and then he was like you cheated on me. and i was like i SO did not, because i didn't. we met through a friend, via the internet. so last night he came to my church to meet me..and we had the best fun ever. everything ended like normal..and then i come home to find this message from my friend saying seth was dumping me. i don't know what to do. he thinks i cheated on him. i won't cry..i haven't cried in years, and i don't even want to..i just really want to know why he thinks i cheated on him. any advice on what to tell him?

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