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1) Your name. Alexis
2) Age. 14
3) Where you're from.
4) Your quesiton/situation. (if one)

My situation Is this. I am pretty unhappy lately, and I used to be such a happy girl. It seems lately I cannot trust anyone and I have no clue who my true friends are. I have such low self-confidence and I am always scared of what people think of me. Or like, If they are talking behind my back. I also am in love with this boy Tom, who is my best friend but he has a girlfriend. And I feel so beautiful when I am with him but then his girlfriend comes along and I feel ugly. I am ugly and thats why i have been joining these inner beauty communities. But really, My main problem is cutting. Ive done it ever since my parents got divorced back when I was 11. I want to stop so badly but I feel its the only way I know how to release my pain. I really just want someone I can talk to. I hope someone out there in this community can relate what I am saying.

♥ always,
Alexis Marie.
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