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We're Here to Pick You Up When You Fall
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Welcome to OJ's Advice. I, Olivia, created this community to help teenagers or anyone else going through a rough time, that need some help. I've been there, I know it hurts, and I can try to help you. The reason I created this community was to give back and try to make a difference! I want to be a therapist when I am older, so I consider this a huge step towards my goal.

Whether it be suicide, depressing, cutting, bullies, or relationship problems, we can help. No matter how big or small your problem is, we'll be glad to help you.

We listen and we care.

Everyone of us have been there before. We know what it's like to feel pain and hopeless, but there is a way out. Sometimes just talking about us can make you feel better. We'll try to help you in anyway possible because we want to make any type of difference in yours and our life.

We don't judge you by your race, sexual orientation, class, color, religion, age, how pretty you are, or your grade. This isn't _hotornot or any other type of rating community. We don't need to know what you look like or how much you weigh. To us you are just a person in need of help, like any of us.




*Everyone has posting access.
*Please be polite to other members.
*Please stay active and tell us what's going on in your life! We want to hear from you, and catch up on what you're doing.
*I'm trying my best to help you, please be patient. I love giving advice, it's really my passion.
*You don't have to promote like a maniac, but please if you have a few spare minutes tell people what this community is about.
*There's no direct application, but if you're new here, please tell us:

1) Your name.
2) Age.
3) Where you're from.
4) Your quesiton/situation. (if one)

I've wanted to do this for a long time, so please join and help me help you! :)

Started: October 24, 2004

If there's an emergency, or you would like to e-mail me/talk to me outside of livejournal:

E-mail: junkymunky14@yahoo.com

AIM s/n: Ox jUiCe BaR xO

My Journal: __juice



A quick note to members:

You are all welcome to give advice as you please. It's not just me giving suggestions, I would love it if every member could participate! Thank you for your time, and thinking of others <3 We together really are making a difference no matter how big or small.



PS: For the codes, all you have to do it copy and paste!

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